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Joke Topic - 'Marble'

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My wife is as cold as marble. . .she says I take her for granite.

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Santa Claus

If you have a fear of Santa Claus coming down your chimney at Christmas, are you suffering from Santaclaustrophobia?


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Miri who?
Miri me and we'll live happily ever after.


My girlfriend has a complexion like a peach.
All yellow and fuzzy.


Mary: My boyfriend has a very nice personality.
Jane: My boyfriend's not very handsome either.

Catch The Attention

How do you catch the attention of a surfer?


Did you hear about the prisoner who talked very slowly?
He took twentyfive years to finish a sentence.


Q: Why do blondes hate M&Ms?
A: They're too hard to peel.

Office Party

You know you're having a bad day when everyone avoids you the morning after the company office party.


Job Applicant: Have you got an opening for me?
Boss: Yes, and don't slam it on the way out.

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