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Joke Topic - 'Magic'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Magic'.


Did you hear about the magic tractor?
It turned into a field.

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Christmas Present

What Christmas present do you give to a train driver?
Platform shoes.


What do owls celebrate at the end of October?


Did you hear about the man from London who became very thirsty when he went to visit his relatives in Vancouver?
He drank Canada Dry.


Rose: My mother wants me married so badly.
Maria: Why do you say that?
Cindy: Every time I bring a guy home she measures him for a tuxedo.


Diner: Waiter, bring me a portion of fish a glass of milk.
Waiter: Fillet?
Diner: Yes, right to the top.


Q: What do an intelligent blonde and a UFO have in common.
A: You often hear about them, but you never see one.


Some people are like blisters
- they appear when the work is done


What swings from a trapeze and miaows?
An acrocat.


What has two hands, but no fingers?
A Clock.

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