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Joke Topic - 'Maggot'

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What is worse than finding a maggot in your apple?
Finding half a maggot...

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Dad, there's someone at the door collecting for the old folks home. Shall I give him grandma?


I take my wife out every night, but she always manages to find her way home.


What do you call a young woman who likes to hunt vampires?
A Miss Stake.

Rush Hour

A new wagon designed for LA rush hour traffic is called the Stationary wagon.


Watch out for the idiot behind me.


Two snowmen standing in a field one turns to the other and says "can you smell carrots?".


You totaled your car... and can't remember why... could it have been... that case of Bud Dry?

Famous Composers

What do you get if you cross a piece of paper with two famous composers?
A Chopin Listz.


Did you hear about the kid from Texas who got all the way the finals of a national spelling bee but then lost out because he couldn't spell 'small'.

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