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Joke Topic - 'Lost'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'Lost'.


Sally: I've lost my dog.
Allie: Why don't you put an ad in the paper?
Sally: That wouldn't help. My dog can't read.

Three men were in a balloon. They got caught in a storm and after being tossed about, they got lost. When the storm calmed down, they eventually floated passed a man on the ground.
They yelled "Where are we?"
The man replied "You are in a balloon".
One of the men in the balloon turned to the others and said "that man is obviously a lawyer".
How can you tell?, the two asked.
"It's easy, the information he gave is totally accurate, and completely useless".

What do you call a piece of jewelry that has been lost in the long grass on a golf course?
A diamond in the rough.

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Why were the bowling pins lying down?
Because they were on strike.


My girlfriend's cooking is just like a good man, hard to keep down.


What do you get when you cross an elephant with a kangaroo?
Earthquakes in Australia.


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The fang-dango.


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Em-balmy about you.


Did you hear about the stupid yachtsman who had his arm cut off so that he could sail round the world single-handed.


How was the Grand Canyon in America formed?
A Scotsman was there on holiday and dropped a dime.


Why did the football coach go to a hair salon?
He had too many split ends.

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