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Joke Topic - 'Law'

Here are 6 jokes on the topic - 'Law'.

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Court of law - the place where a suit is pressed and a man can be taken to the cleaners.

Don't study medicine and law at the same time, it tries your patients

Irish stew in the name of the law.

Repeal the law of gravity

What did the judge say to his wife when he got home from the law courts?
It's been a very trying day!

What is the difference between baseball and law?
In baseball, if you're caught stealing, you're out.

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Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Goblin who?
Goblin down your food will give you a tummy ache.


Do steam rollers really roll steam?


What do you get if you cross a famous English detective with a skeleton?
Sherlock Bones.


Why did the drunk man dislike the cute little puppy?
Because it was the heir of the dog that bit him.

Civil Servants

How many civil servants does it take to change the light bulb?
45. One to change the bulb, and 44 to do the paperwork.


Nothing succeeds like a budgie with no teeth.


Doctor, doctor! I feel like a sheep.
That's baaaaaad.


Why was the piano player arrested?
He struck a chord.


"Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"
"I'm not surprised, sir, our chef used to be a tailor."

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