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Joke Topic - 'Lady'

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"Who was that lady I seen you with last night?"
"You mean 'I saw.'"
"Ok, who was that eyesore I seen you with last night?"

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Why did the lemon refuse to argue with the orange?
Because it was yellow.


What kind of coat is put on when it is wet?
A coat of paint.


Jess: I haven't slept for days and I'm still not tired!
Wess: That's incredible! How do you do it?
Jess: I sleep nights!


What do you get if you cross a successful book with perfume.
A best smeller.


Why was the baby ant so confused?
Because all of his uncles were ants.


What do you call a snake who works for the government?
A civil serpent.


What happened to the Blonde terrorist who tried to blow up a bus?
She burned her lips on the exhaust pipe.


Billy: My girlfriend has what is known as a sympathetic face.
John: What do you mean?
Billy: When people see her face they feel sympathetic.


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