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Joke Topic - 'Labrador'

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What do you get if you cross a labrador dog with a tortoise?
You get an animal that goes to the newsagent's and come back with last weeks newspaper.

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The man said, 'My problem is I keep stealing things.'
My brother said, 'You'd better take something for that.'


Do you know the difference between a set of bagpipes and a lawnmower?
if someone borrows your lawnmower, you always ask for it back!


Yo mama's feet are so big, her shoes need license plates.

Light Bulbs

How many Bob Dylan fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind.


Did you hear what happened to the man who decked the halls?
He was charged with assault.


Don't marry for money...You can borrow it cheaper.


Knock Knock
Who's there?
Snow who?
Snow good asking me.

Women Drivers

If your wife wants to learn to drive, don't stand in her way.


Q: What do you call a cow that is laying on a barn floor?
A: Ground Beef

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