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Joke Topic - 'King Arthur'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'King Arthur'.


Which of King Arthur's knights loved to eat steak?
Sir Loin.

Why did King Arthur have a round table?
So no one could corner him.

Why did King Author wear his Cloak to the Great Ball, rather than his Mantle?
Cause kings go better with cloak!

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A Hole

What gets bigger the more you take away?
A hole in the ground.


I went to a restaurant that was so expensive that they didn't have prices on the menu - just little faces with varying expressions of horror.


Some people have a chip on their shoulder.
He has a whole lumberyard.


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Fred: What do you mean?
Wilma: You have no class.


Support bacteria - It's the only culture some people have!


What do you get if you cross a vampire with a hyena?
A animal that laughs at the sight of blood.


Waiter, waiter.
Are there snails on the menu?
Yes there are, Sir, I'm afraid they must have escaped from the kitchen.


What do you call a train loaded with toffee?
A chew chew train.


What is the difference between a banker and a vampire?
A vampire only sucks blood at night.

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