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Joke Topic - 'Kilt'

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Did you hear about the Scotsman who washed his kilt?
He couldn't do a fling with it.

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Where did Noah keep his bees?
In the ark hives.

Business Consultant

An business consultant is one who can tell you how to run your business but who isn't smart enough to run his own.


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Red who?


What did the parakeet say when he finished shopping?
Just put it on my bill.


What was Camelot famous for?
Its knight life.


What do you call a train loaded with toffee?
A chew chew train.


Why is a book like a king?
Because they both have pages.


Q: Why don't elephants like penguins?
A: They can't get the wrapper off.(Too whom it may concern: Penguins are a brand of cookies).


Joe: I was playing soccer yesterday and sprained my ankle. That's why I was absent from school this morning.
Teacher: What a lame excuse that is!

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