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Joke Topic - 'Keep'

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What can you keep even though you have given it to someone?
Your word.

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Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm shrinking.
Doctor: Well, you'll just have to be a little patient.


What should you do with a sick ship?
Take it to the doc.

Santa Claus

Who carries a sack and bites people?
Santa Jaws.


How do you drown a blonde?
Put a mirror on the bottom of the swimming pool.


What do cats like on their hot dogs?

A Bad Stomach

I've got a bad stomach.
Well just keep your coat on and on one will notice.

Honk Your Horn

Honk you horn if you hate bumper stickers that say "Honk if ..."


How many pessimists does it take to change a light bulb?
None, the old one is probably screwed in too tight.


What does an astronaut do in the morning before he puts on his clothes?
He takes a meteor shower.

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