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Joke Topic - 'Kangaroos'

Here are 4 jokes on the topic - 'Kangaroos'.


This man was called up before the judge. He said, 'Your honour, why do you keep leaping up and down?'
The judge said, 'Why do you think? It's a kangaroo court.'

What animal likes a leap year?
A kangaroo.

What do you get if you cross a dog with a kangaroo?
A dog that has somewhere to store its own lead.

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a line of people waiting to catch a bus?
A queue jumper.

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What's the difference between lawyers and vultures?
Lawyers accumulate frequent-flier points.

A Horse

What is drawn by a horse and delivers boxes of chocolates?
Cadbury's Milk Dray.


What did the little calf say to the silo?
"Is my fodder in there?


Q: What do you call a lawyer who doesn't chase ambulances?
A: Retired.


Why did the farmer ask the vet to examine his cow?
Because she was so mooo-dy.

Chewing Gum

What did the chewing gum say to the shoe?
I'm stuck on you.


Waiter, waiter, have you smoked salmon?
No, sir but I have smoked a pipe.


What do you call a sleeping bull?
A bulldozer.


The price of duck feathers has just been increased.
This means that now even down is up.

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