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Joke Topic - 'Jungle'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Jungle'.


It was late one night and Tarzan finally came home to his tree house. Jane welcomed him home and then asked what he wanted.
Make me a dry martini, Jane,' said Tarzan.
So Jane made him one. Tarzan drank it down thirstily and then asked for another one. This went on until Tarzan had drunk five dry martinis. When he asked for another one, Jane remarked: 'But, Tarzan, you've already had five. Why do you want another one?'
'You don't know what it's like, Jane,' said Tarzan. 'It's like a jungle out there!'

What did Tarzan say to Jane when he came home from a hard day at work?
It's a jungle out there.

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Boy Scout

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