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Joke Topic - 'Julius Caesar'

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What did they say to Julius Caesar When he went into a pub?
'Ale, Caesar?'

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Doctor, doctor, these pills you gave me for BO are no use.
What's wrong with them?
They keep slipping from under my arms.


"And this is the sound the aliens made..." (BEEP!)


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a pack of cards.
Just sit there and I'll deal with you in a minute.


How do you park a computer?
You back it up.

Knock Knock

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Nova who?
Nova look back.


We're sorry. You have reached an imaginary number. Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again.


Have you noticed that your boss is the only one who watches the clock during the coffee break.


Lawyers are people who can write a ten thousand word document and call it a brief.


Filming in cemetery angers residents

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