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Joke Topic - 'Jello'

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Q: Why don't blondes eat Jello?
A: They can't figure out how to get two cups of water into those little packets.

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Traffic Lights

What did the shy traffic light say to the motorist?
Don't look now - I'm changing!


What type of car does Dracula drive?
A bloodmobile.


Why was the mother flea so upset when her children all left her?
She realized they were all going to the dogs.


You must must think I'm the perfect idiot.
No, you're not perfect.


What do you call a snake that becomes a Canadian law officer?
Mountie Python.


Knock, knock.
Who's them?
Zoom who?
Zoom did you expect?


Why was the elephant wearing pink tennis shoes?
They didn't have white ones in his size.


What do you call a salad that is a coward?
A chicken salad.


What is big, green, and ugly and never smiles?
The Incredible Sulk.

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