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Joke Topic - 'Jeans'

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Why did the jeans burst into tears?
They felt blue.

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I think animal testing is a terrible idea they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.


What do you call a stupid vampire?
A clot.


Waiter: What will you have, sir?
Golfer: A club sandwich please.


If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?


Diner: Waiter, bring me a portion of fish a glass of milk.
Waiter: Fillet?
Diner: Yes, right to the top.


Did you hear about the husband who took his wife for some plastic surgery?
He had her credit cards removed!


Did you hear about the man from London who became very thirsty when he went to visit his relatives in Vancouver?
He drank Canada Dry.

Father Christmas

What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a duck?
You get a Christmas quacker.


Court of law - the place where a suit is pressed and a man can be taken to the cleaners.

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