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Joke Topic - 'Irish'

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Irish stew in the name of the law.

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Father Cannibal To Daughter: It's time you got married. We'll start looking for an edible bachelor.


What do you call a mushroom that is always happy?
Fun Gus.


Do you know the difference between a set of bagpipes and a lawnmower?
if someone borrows your lawnmower, you always ask for it back!


Did you hear about the man who fell out of a 10-story window and landed on a bottle of soda?
He survived because it was a soft drink.

A Man

What do you call a man with a beach on his head?


Patient: Doctor, I feel like a window.
Doctor: Tell me where the pane is.


Did you hear about the famous inventors who failed to invent the aeroplane?
They were the Wrong Brothers.


How do you post a rabbit?
By hare mail.


What is the noisiest pet?
A trumpet.

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