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Joke Topic - 'Important'

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Did you hear about the paranoid with low self-esteem?
He thought that nobody important was out to get him.

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William: See that young woman over there, well I just kissed her under the mistletoe.
Brian: I wouldn't kiss her under anesthetic!


Where do footballers dance?
At a football.


What do you call the place that is crowded with doctors most afternoons?
A golf course.

An Inferiority Complex

He has an inferiority complex, but not a very good one.


Many Antiques At Senior Citizens' Sale


What do you call a person who steals cats?
A purr-snatcher.


Son: My teacher must be really old.
Father: Why is that son?
Son: Well, today in class, he told us that he used to teach Shakespeare.


I wanted to be a dentist, but I didn't have enough pull.


What did one highland cow say to the other one?
Och aye the moo.

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