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Joke Topic - 'House'

Here are 4 jokes on the topic - 'House'.

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A decorator was painting a house and the owner came home to find the man rushing about like a mad thing with his brushes.
'Why are you working so fast?' he asked.
'Well, you see, sir, the paint's running low and I want to finish the job before it's all gone.'

I am the master in my own house - the doghouse.

What should you do if you lock yourself out of your house?
Keep singing until you find the right key.

You know you're a redneck if:
Your Truck has curtains, but your house doesn't.
Your porch collapses, and it kills more than seven dogs.
Every car you've ever owned is in your backyard.

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Doctor, Doctor I've just swallowed a pen.
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If a monkey is just like his father, what is he frequently called?
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"Waiter, do you serve crabs?"
"Sit down, sir. We serve anybody."


Did you hear about the guy who went bankrupt in the laundry business?
He said he was all washed up.


Patient: Doctor, I feel like a car!
Doctor: Well, just park yourself over there.


Why did the pig want to become an actor?
Because he was such a ham.


What do you call a bee that's had a spell cast on him?


They call him Caterpillar.
Why do they call him that?
Because he got where he is by crawling.

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