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Joke Topic - 'Hippopotamus'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Hippopotamus'.


What do you call a hippo that is very untidy?
A hippopota-mess.

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What is pink and goes "knio, knio?"
A backward pig.


Why was the elephant wearing pink tennis shoes?
They didn't have white ones in his size.

Bad Luck

Is it bad luck to be superstitious?


Which type of bugs are the messiest


What will Father Christmas suffer from if he ever gets stuck in a chimney?
Santa Claustrophobia.

My Mother

My mother is a Woman of rare gifts - hardly anyone ever receives one from her!


When a man was reading the newspaper, his wife asked, "Will you still love me when I'm old and gray?" "Sure I do," he mumbled.

Fortune Tellers

Where do fortune tellers dance?
At the crystal ball!

A Comedian

Patient: Doctor, I keep thinking that I'm a comedian.
Doctor: You must be joking.

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