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Joke Topic - 'Hereditary'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Hereditary'.


Insanity is hereditary - you get it from your children

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What do you get if you cross an artist with a policeman?
A brush with the law.


What is a cow's favorite city in America?
Moo York City.


Why do bees always hum?
Because they can't remember the words.


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a goat.
And how long has this been going on?
Oh, ever since I was a kid.


Chaos, panic, and disorder - my work here is done.


Where does a woodsman keep his pigs?
In a hog cabin.


Save water - dilute it


Why was it easy for the king to draw straight lines
Because he was the ruler.


Why does it take so little time for a child who is afraid of the dark to become a teenager who wants to stay out all night?

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