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Joke Topic - 'Harley Davidson'

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What make of motorbike does Father Christmas ride around on?
A Holly Davidson!

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What are the three worst words you can hear while playing a round of golf?
"Still your turn"!


What do you get from a cow that has lost it's memory?
Milk of amnesia.


What is tall, Italian and has a topping of pepperoni?
The leaning tower of Pizza.

A Skeleton

What does a skeleton usually order when he has a meal in a restaurant?
Spare ribs.


Why did the banana go out with the prune?
Because he couldn't find a date.


What's a good example of a missed opportunity?
A bus-load of lawyers going over a cliff with one empty seat.


What goes zzub zzub?
A bee flying backwards.


My friend just fell in love with the head nurse at the hospital where he is - I guess you can say that he's taken a turn for the nurse!


Why did the Christmas cookie visit the doctor?
He was feeling crummy.

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