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Joke Topic - 'Hamburgers'

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I used to invite this gal to my apartment to help me make hamburgers.
I called her my grille friend!

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Robber: Your Honor. I'm sorry for breaking into the Italian restaurant.
Judge: Thirty days for disturbing the pizza.


Did you hear about the karate champion who joined the army?
The first time he saluted, he nearly killed himself.


What did the parakeet say when he finished shopping?
Just put it on my bill.


What does a skeleton order when he eats in a restaurant?


The landlord said he wanted me to treat the place like my own home. So I did - I didn't pay the rent.


Did you hear about the magic tractor?
It turned into a field.

The Lottery

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Water who?
Water our chances of winning the lottery?


Where do baby ghosts go when their parents are at work?
Day scare centers.


What do you call a woman who goes into a bar and starts to juggle with the drinks?
Beatrix (beer tricks).

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