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Joke Topic - 'Grumble'

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What type of a bee is always complaining?
A grumble bee!

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Christmas Presents

Who brings Christmas presents to the baby sharks?
Santa jaws.

A Monkey

If a monkey is just like his father, what is he frequently called?
A chimp off the old block.


My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.


How do you get rid of varnish?
Remove the 'r'.


How can you drop and egg six feet without it breaking?
By dropping it seven feet - it won't break for the first six.


Joe: Your wife is pretty old.
Bob: Thank you. She was even prettier when she was younger.


Q: What do you call a dumb blonde behind a steering wheel?
A: An air bag.


What did the bicycle call its father?


Teacher to Pupil: What do you get if you divide 2365 by 37?
Pupil: The wrong answer, I expect, Miss.

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