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Joke Topic - 'Goose'

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How did the man feel after eating a whole Christmas goose?
He felt pretty down.

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Why did the idiot put on wet trousers?
Because the label said 'wash and wear.'


I was out drinking in a bar last night and a woodworm asked me: "Is the bar tender here?


What type of a bee is always complaining?
A grumble bee!


If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the frying pan?


A spokesman for the local police department has said that the theft of twenty sacks of yeast from a bakery is causing rising anxiety.


What did one horse say to the other one? Any friend of yours is a palomino.


Did you hear about the three French swordsmen who liked to put mustard in their ears?
They were known as the three mustardears.


How does an overweight ghost slim down?
He uses an exorcise bike.

Bank Robbers

Which rabbits became famous bank robbers?
Bunny and Clyde.

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