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Joke Topic - 'Goldfish'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'Goldfish'.


If you have a referee in soccer, and an umpire in cricket, what do you have in bowls?

My brother was in this restaurant. He said, 'Excuse me waiter, but I don't like the look of this cod.'
The waiter said, I'm sorry sir. if I'd known it was looks you were after I'd have got you a goldfish.'

Wee Hughie was in the garden filling in a hole when his English neighbour peered over the fence. Interested in what the mad man was up to, he politely asked, 'What are you doing there, Hughie?'
'My goldfish died,' replied Wee Hughie tearfully without looking up, 'and I've just buried him.'
The English neighbour was very concerned. 'That's an awfully big hole for a goldfish, isn't it?'
Wee Hughie patted down the last heap of dirt then replied, 'That's because he's inside your cat.'

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