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Joke Topic - 'Get Fit'

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Where do gnomes go to to get fit?
To an elf farm.

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This bloke said to my brother, 'I think I'm a clock you know.'
My brother said, 'Well don't get wound up about it.'

Better Judgement

Husband: You have to admit that men have much better judgement than women.
Wife: You're right. You married me and I married you.


What is Dracula's least favourite meal?

Credit Cards

Last weekend my credit card was stolen but I decided not to report it because the thief is spending less than my wife does.


Teenage Driver: But, officer, I'm a college graduate.
Traffic Cop: Sorry, but ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.


What do you get if you cross a baby with a ufo?
An unidentified crying object.


What do you get when a dinosaur has a car accident?
Tyrannosarus wrecks.


Why don't snowmen ever marry?
They always get cold feet at the last minute.


Why did the human cannon ball consider himself a failure?
Because he was always being fired.

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