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Joke Topic - 'Forgetful'

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I can't remember if I used to be forgetful or not

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What do you call an overweight Egyptian mummy?
Two ton Carmen.


Last night I was going to kill myself by swallowing a handful of asprins - but after taking the first two I felt much better.


What do you call a crazy spaceman?
An astronut.

Coffee Beans

Why couldn't the coffee bean go out to play with his friends?
He was grounded.


Please help me find my lost dog. Here is his description:
One eye
Three legs
Ears chewed off
Broken tail
Answers to the name "Lucky"


Mary: I hear that you have a model husband?
Joan: It's true he really is a model husband - unfortunately he's not a working model.


'Hi Bob, Where have you been?'
'The cemetery.'
'Oh! Who's dead?'
'They all are.'


What was the name of the small horse that fought windmills?
Donkey Oatey.


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Red who?

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