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Joke Topic - 'Farm'

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My brother said, 'I've got this awful job down on the farm. I'm up to my elbows in manure all day.'
I said, 'Well at least it'll stop you biting your nails.'

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Why did the Christmas cookie visit the doctor?
He was feeling crummy.


What do you get if you cross a banana with a comedian?
Peels of laughter.


Did you hear about the guy who went bankrupt in the laundry business?
He said he was all washed up.


I think animal testing is a terrible idea they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.


In the twelfth century how many workers did it take to change a light bulb?
None. There were no light bulbs - it was the dark ages.


What do you get if you cross an elephant with a fish?
A pair of swimming trunks.


When Henry VIII came to the throne what was the first thing he did?
He sat down.


Wife: Why did you come came home at 4 am this morning?
Husband: Where else you can go to at 4 in the morning in this town?

Father Christmas

What do you get if you cross Father Christmas and a flying saucer?
A UF ho ho ho!

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