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Joke Topic - 'Exchange'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Exchange'.


A man walked into a pet shop and said, 'I'd like a puppy for my son.'
'Sorry sir,' said the store owner, 'we don't do part exchange.'

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I don't have a license to kill. I have a learner's permit.


Patient: Doctor, I think that I'm a cup of coffee.
Doctor: Oh, do perk up and don't be such a drip.


A man's house is his hassle.

Polar Bear

What do you call a polar bear who has lost all his teeth?
A gummy bear.


Threatening letters - man asks for long sentence


I came, I saw, I did a little shopping


Why don't eggs like telling jokes?
They would crack each other up.

The Police

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Dishes, who?
Dishes the police. Open this door!


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking that I'm a bee.
Doctor: Sorry, I'm too busy to see you right now. Can you give me a buzz later?

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