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Joke Topic - 'Economic'

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You know you're getting old when you turn out the lights for economic reasons instead of romantic ones.

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Where does a duck go when he gets sick?
The ductor.


Why are Martians green?
They forgot to take their travel sickness tablets before leaving Mars.


What do you call a rabbit who has fleas?
Bugs bunny.


Q: What do you call a blonde skeleton in the closet?
A: The winner of a hide and seek game.

Car Drivers

A careful driver is one who has just spotted a speed camera.

Knock Knock

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Violet who?
Violet the cat out of the bag.


What do you call cattle that have a sense of humor?
Laughing stock.

Santa Claus

Who delivers Christmas presents to the police station?
Santa Clues.


(1) The boss is always right.
(2) When the boss is wrong, refer to rule 1.

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