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Joke Topic - 'Dvd Players'

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How does a dog stop a DVD player when it gets to his favourite part of a movie?
He presses the paws button.

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What did one horse say to the other one? Any friend of yours is a palomino.


Why did the horse cross the road?
Because he wanted to visit his neigh-bors.


"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency, do you really think we'd stick around to tell you?"


Where can a husband always find sympathy?
In the dictionary.


What kind of bugs are found in clocks?


Alison: My cookery teacher didn't like what I made in class today.
Jenny: What did you make? A cake? A pizza?
Alison: A big mess.


What do cows do when they're introduced?
They give each other a milk shake.


How do you start an onion race?
"Onion marks! Get set! Go!


Jess: I haven't slept for days and I'm still not tired!
Wess: That's incredible! How do you do it?
Jess: I sleep nights!

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