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Joke Topic - 'Drums'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Drums'.


The first thing a child learns when he gets a drum is that he'll never get another one.

Why is a drum solo like a sneeze?
You know it's coming but you can't do anything to stop it.

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Did you hear about the cross-eyed teacher?
She couldn't control her pupils!

Grow Up

"And what will you do when you grow up to be as big as me?" asked the father of his little son.


What do you call a stolen pork sausage?
The missing link.


What did the bat say to his girlfriend?
You're real fun to hang around with.

Captain Kirk

How many ears has Captain Kirk got?
Three - his left ear, his right ear, and the final frontier!


Make your M.P. work - don't re-elect him.


Did you hear about the idiot who put his radio into a refrigerator?
He wanted to hear some cool music.


If athletes get athletes' foot. what disease do astronauts get?
Missile toe.


What goes "quick, quick"?
A duck with the hiccups.

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