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Joke Topic - 'Disco'

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I met my wife at a disco. It was really embarrassing. I thought she was at home looking after the kids.

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The Sea

Jill: You remind me of the sea.
Jack: Because I'm wild, unpredictable and romantic?
Jill: No, because you make me sick.


Patient: Doctor, I think that I'm a cup of coffee.
Doctor: Oh, do perk up and don't be such a drip.


Why was the centipede dropped from the soccer team?
It took him too long to put his boots on.


Cowards rule - If that's OK with you


Why did the cucumber hire a lawyer?
Because it was in a pickle.


Marriage is like a bath tub....once you are in it for awhile it's not so hot.


There are two sorts of politicians: those who can talk nonsense on any subject under the sun, and those who donít need a subject.


Why did the cat move to a new neighborhood?
Because the old one had gone to the dogs!


Q: What do you call a blonde in an institution of higher learning?
A: A visitor.

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