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Joke Topic - 'Daughters'

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Boy: Sir, I'd like your daughter for my wife.
Father: Can't she get one of her own?

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How does a mouse feel after it takes a bath?
Squeaky clean.


Old Chemistry professors never die, they just smell that way!


We're sorry. You have reached an imaginary number. Please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again.


Where there's a will, there's a happy Lawyer!


What kind of coat is put on when it is wet?
A coat of paint.


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He especially liked the vaultz.


What's a good example of a missed opportunity?
A bus-load of lawyers going over a cliff with one empty seat.


What do young dogs like to eat when watching a movie?

A Dime

Why is a dime smarter than a nickel?
Because it has more cents.

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