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Joke Topic - 'Dancers'

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Why are dogs not good dancers?
Because they have two left feet.

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Teacher: "What is the outer part of a tree called?"
Pupil: "I don't know sir."
Teacher: "Bark, boy bark."
Pupil: "Woof-woof."


Her boyfriend is so stupid, when they were handing out brains he thought they said trains, so he asked for a slow one.


Did you hear about the karate champion who joined the army?
The first time he saluted, he nearly killed himself.


Advert in a newspaper:
Big dog for sale, eats anything - fond of children.


Predestination was doomed to failure from the start


Did you hear about the woman who fell in love with a famous cricket player?
She was completely bowled over by him.


What do you get from a well-educated oyster?
Pearls of wisdom.

School Teacher

Did you hear about the school teacher who married a dairymaid?
It didn't last. They were like chalk and cheese.


Xerox never comes up with anything original.

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