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Joke Topic - 'Cute'

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Old Lady: What a cute little boy. What's your name, sweetheart?
Little boy: Robert.
Old Lady: Can you tell me your full name?
Little boy: Robert Stop That At Once!

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Old lawyers never die. They just lose their appeal.


Diner: Excuse me, waiter, but is there spaghetti on the menu?
Waiter: No, but I am sure that we have some in the kitchen.


What do you call a piece of jewelry that has been lost in the long grass on a golf course?
A diamond in the rough.


Wife: Why do you always think about golf at bedtime?
Husband: It putts me to sleep.


What did the ghosts say to Santa Claus?
We'll have a boo Christmas without you.


Wakeup to insomnia


What type of cheese does a dog like on his pizza?


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a sheep.
Really? And how do you feel about that?
Very baaaaaaad.

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