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Joke Topic - 'Cucumbers'

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A cucumber and a tomato meet in a saladbar.
Cucumber: Gee, how come you look so red?
Tomato: I saw the salad dressing.

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Diner: Waiter, the chicken you served me is nothing but skin and bones.
Waiter: Just a minute, sir. I'll bring you some feathers.


This car is protected by Smith and Wesson


Why did the cucumber hire a lawyer?
Because it was in a pickle.


Which dog gives you Christmas presents?
Santa Paws.


How does Batman's wife call him for dinner?
Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner - Batman!


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Doctor: Well, that's what you get for scratching your head.


Doctor, Doctor.
I can't stop sneezing. What can you give me?
A tissue?
Oh no, it's happening to you as well.


What do you call a mushroom that is always happy?
Fun Gus.

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