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Joke Topic - 'Crisps'

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Two packets of crisps were walking along the road. A passing car stopped and the driver asked if they would like a lift.
"No thanks," said the crisps, "we're Walkers.

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Not Here

"Hello, I'm not here."


What do you get if you cross a frog with a small dog?
A croaker spaniel.


What is black and white and has sixteen wheels?
A zebra on roller skates.


Father Cannibal To Daughter: It's time you got married. We'll start looking for an edible bachelor.


Why did the burglar break into a music shop?
He wanted to get his hands on the lute.


"Doctor, doctor, I've just swallowed the film from my camera."
"Well, let's hope nothing develops."


What does a skunk do when it gets angry?
It raises a stink!


Patient: I feel like a sheet of music.
Doctor: Please wait a minute while I look at your notes.

The Queen

Why did the Queen pay a visit to her dentist?
She wanted to have a tooth crowned.

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