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Joke Topic - 'Cream'

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Did you hear about the man who went to the doctor with a strawberry growing out of his head?
The doctor gave him some cream to put on it.

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Where do pigeons meet for coffee?
In a nest-cafe.


When I asked my girlfriend if I could see her home she handed me a picture of it.


What do you call a convict who dresses up as a clown?


How do you murder a blonde?
Put spikes on her shoulder pads.

Light Bulbs

How many electrical engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
We don't know yet. They're still waiting on a part.


What do you call a very lazy skeleton?
Bone idle.


Old journalists never die, they just get de-pressed.


Do radioactive cats have eighteen half-lives?

Santa Claus

How do you know when Santa Claus is in the room?
You can sense his presents.

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