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Joke Topic - 'Complaining'

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My wife keeps complaining I never listen to her ...or something like that.

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Patient: Doctor, what is the best way to prevent diseases which are caused by biting insects?
Doctor: Don't bite any.


Which monks play in the National Hockey League?
The Philadelphia Friars.


Q. What's red and white and gives presents to good little fish on Christmas?
A. Sandy Claws.


Patient: I have a splinter in my finger.
Doctor: Well, that's what you get for scratching your head.


Patient: Doctor, my stomach hurts!
Doctor: Oh stop bellyaching!


What do you call a crazy spaceman?
An astronut.


Knock knock
Who's there?
Little old lady
Little old lady who?
Gee, I didn't know you knew how to yodel.


The judge said to the dentist: "Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth?"


How many grocery store cashiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Are you kidding? They won't even change a five dollar bill.

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