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Joke Topic - 'Commentator'

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Definition of a "commentator" - an average potato.

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A Strawberry

This bloke said to my brother, 'My trouble is I keep thinking I'm a strawberry.'
My brother said, 'You're in a jam then aren't you.'


Hostess: They tell me you love good music.
Guest: Yes, I do. But never mind, keep right on playing.


Why are fish so smart?
Because they like to swim around in schools.


What do you call a man who likes to go fishing every weekend?


Dog Attacks Rocket


Teacher: Give me a sentence with the word 'analyze' in it.
Pupil: My sister Anna lies in bed until nine o'clock.


What do you call an elephant who isn't important?
An irrelephant.


Why is it that drunks never spill drinks on other drunks?


My brother went to the doctor and said, 'Some days, I get the strange feeling that I'm a golf club.'
The doctor said, 'Can I join?'

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