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Joke Topic - 'Clown'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Clown'.


What do you get if you cross a circus clown and a goat?
You get a silly billy.

Why did the clown wear loud socks?
So that his feet wouldn't fall asleep.

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You know it must be summer when you see Hamish throwing his Christmas tree away.

A Pack Of Cards

My friend said, 'That bloke over there thinks he's a pack of cards.'
My brother said, 'I'll have to deal with him later.'


Veterinarian: Has your dog ever had fleas?
Little Boy: No, just puppies!

A Mouse

How do you get a mouse to fly?
Buy it a plane ticket.

Santa Claus

Who delivers Christmas presents to the police station?
Santa Clues.


Guy Fawkes was the sanest man who ever went into the Houses of Parliament - and look what happened to him.


In baseball, what type of dog stands behind home plate?
The catcher’s mutt.

A Tropical Fruit

What do you get if you cross a tropical fruit with a cartoon character?
Papaya the Sailor Man.


Why do you have to wait so long for a ghost train to come along?
They only run a skeleton service.

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