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Joke Topic - 'Christmas Decorations'

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What happens if you eat Christmas decorations?
You get tinselitis.

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I went to the doctor, it was quite serious. He gave me 6 months to live. But when I couldn't pay his bill he gave me another 6 months.

For Granted

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Don who?
Don take me for granted.


What time does a duck wake up?
At the quack of dawn.

A Zebra

What do you get if you cross a zebra and a pig?
Striped sausages.


Doctor, Doctor, I keep thinking that I'm a bee.
Doctor: Sorry, I'm too busy to see you right now. Can you give me a buzz later?


Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spaceship


There are two things I dislike in a person -
Absentmindedness and... I can't remember the other one.


Husband: Did you marry me just because my father died and left me a fortune?
Wife: No, I would have married you whoever left you a fortune.

A Postage Stamp

What stays in a corner but can travel all around the world?
A postage stamp.

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