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Joke Topic - 'Caveman'

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What do you call a caveman who is wandering slowly around the place?
A meanderthal man.

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Notice - If you notice this notice you will notice its not worth noticing


I take my wife out every night, but she always manages to find her way home.


The usefulness of a meeting is inversely proportional to its attendance.


My girlfriend's cooking is just like a good man, hard to keep down.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Cash who?
No, thanks, I prefer pistachios.


Teacher: Today I want you to write an essay on an elephant.
Pupil: But won't we fall off?


What did the boy mushroom say to the girl mushroom?
Hey, I'm a fun guy!


What is grey, carries a bunch of flowers and cheers you up when you are ill?
A get wellephant.


Baby snake: Mommy, are we poisonous?
Mother snake: Yes honey, but why do you want to know?
Baby snake: Well, I just bit my tongue...

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