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Joke Topic - 'Campaigns'

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The politician's campaign speech was praised by a voter, who said: I admire the straightforward way you dodged all the issues.

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You know you're overweight and need to diet when your knees buckle but your belt won't.

Car Drivers

A careful driver is one who has just spotted a speed camera.


Where do baby ghosts go when their parents are at work?
Day scare centers.


Voters Approve Urban Renewal By Landslide


What is the difference between a crazy rabbit and a forged five pound note?
One is a mad bunny, the other is bad money.


Tourist: Is that chin-strap to keep your helmet on?
Policeman: No, sir, it's to rest my jaw on after answering stupid questions.


I think animal testing is a terrible idea they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.


Did you hear about the man who works in the watch factory?
He just stands around and makes faces all day.


What time is it when a chinaman goes to the dentist?
Two-thirty (Tooth hurty).

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