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Joke Topic - 'Calculus'

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Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Never drink and derive.

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Why be difficult, when with a little bit more effort you can be completely impossible?


Q: How many blondes does it take to play Hide and Seek?
A: One.


Patient: Please help me Doctor. Whenever I look at my dog I keep seeing spots in front of my eyes.
Doctor: Relax. Your dog is a Dalmatian.


Q. Some months have 31 days how many have 28?
all of them - all months have (at least) 28 days.


(1) The boss is always right.
(2) When the boss is wrong, refer to rule 1.


Son: My teacher must be really old.
Father: Why is that son?
Son: Well, today in class, he told us that he used to teach Shakespeare.


Did you hear about the vampire that swallowed a sheep?
He said he felt baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.


What should do you do for a pig that has a sore leg?
Rub it with oinkment.


Did you hear about the pilot who bailed out?
He said, 'Bi-plane.'

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