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Joke Topic - 'Brothers'

Here are 2 jokes on the topic - 'Brothers'.


My brother said, 'l've brought you home a present. It's a wombat.'
I said, 'What's a wombat for?'
He said, 'A good game of wom.'

My brother was up in court last week. The judge said, 'What is this man charged with?' The policeman said, 'He opened a shop sir.'
The judge said, 'And what is wrong with opening a shop?'
The policeman said, 'Well it wasn't his shop sir.'

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She was born on her parents' wooden anniversary so they called her "Peg".


Golfer: "That can't possibly be my ball. It looks far too old".
Caddy: "Well, It has been a long time since we started, sir."

Light Bulbs

How many DIY buffs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Only one, but it takes him two weekends and three trips to the hardware store.


What do you call an alcoholic dog?
A whino.


What do you get from a cow that has lost it's memory?
Milk of amnesia.


Did you hear about the child who was named after his father?
They called him dad.


What type of car is like a sausage?
An old banger.


Why did the basketball court get wet?
The players dribbled all over it.

Gone Forever

"It's gone forever - gone forever I tell you."
"What has?"

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