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Joke Topic - 'Brain Surgeon'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Brain Surgeon'.


How did the dentist become a brain surgeon?
His drill slipped.

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A bachelor is a man who is careful to steer clear of women with bride ideas.


Did you hear about the dating agency for chickens that went bankrupt last week?
They couldn't make hens meet.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Joan who?
Joan call us, we'll call you.


Some people have a chip on their shoulder.
He has a whole lumberyard.


What kind of dog wears a uniform and a badge?
A guard dog.


What do you call a teletubby who's been robbed?
A tubby

Christmas Decorations

What happens if you eat Christmas decorations?
You get tinselitis.


Twelve year old's essay on 'what would you do to try and encourage motorists to show more consideration for others?': 'I would drive a police car.'

A Pack Of Cards

My friend said, 'That bloke over there thinks he's a pack of cards.'
My brother said, 'I'll have to deal with him later.'

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