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Joke Topic - 'Bad Luck'

Here is 1 joke on the topic - 'Bad Luck'.


Is it bad luck to be superstitious?

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Calling you a dogface would be an insult to dogs.

King Arthur

Why did King Author wear his Cloak to the Great Ball, rather than his Mantle?
Cause kings go better with cloak!


Teacher to Pupil: What do you get if you divide 2365 by 37?
Pupil: The wrong answer, I expect, Miss.


Is breeding rabbits a hare raising experience?


A herd of highland cows are standing in a field in Scotland.
Which one is on holiday?
The one with the wee calf.


Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a terrorist?
A: You can negotiate with a terrorist.


What kind of money do snowmen use?
Iced lolly.


Waiter, waiter, there's a twig in my soup.
Well you did order bird's nest soup, sir.

Teddy Bears

What do you call a teddy bear who has been left at the alter by his bride-to-be?

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