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Joke Topic - 'Baby'

Here are 3 jokes on the topic - 'Baby'.


How do you get a baby astronaut to go to sleep?
You rocket.

What do baby outlaws like eating with their milk?

Why is an old car like a baby?
Because it always has a rattle.

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How do you open a haunted house?
You use a skeleton key.

Secret Agents

What do you call a secret agent that hangs around department stores?
A counterspy.


My new dog is very obedient. When I say 'heel' he always bites me on the heel.


Your program is sick! Shoot it and put it out of its memory.


Diner: Waiter, your thumb is on my steak. Remove it right now!
Waiter: What, and drop it again?


A Truck load of prunes has been stolen. Police are looking for a man on the run.

Leave You Alone

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Waddle who?
Waddle you give me if I leave you alone?


Famous last words: Don`t worry, I can handle it.


Overweight just sorta of snacks up on you.

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